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Will Naidu accept Nandyal poll as referendum?

Will Naidu accept Nandyal poll as referendum?

With elections to the Andhra Pradesh assembly less than 20 months to go, any election, whether it is for a local body or for a vacant assembly seat, is viewed as the people’s judgement to the performance of the ruling party.

The people will use every opportunity to express their opinion on the government’s performance.

So, naturally, the ongoing by-election to Nandyal assembly seat can be considered as a referendum of the people on the performance of the Chandrababu Naidu government.

The opposition YSR Congress party has thrown a challenge to Naidu whether he would take the by-election to Nandyal as the referendum, if he is so much of confident of winning it.

“If Naidu does not want to consider the by-election result as a referendum on his government, the TDP should accept the defeat even before the battle is fought,” YSRC spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said.

She wondered why the TDP leaders were shying away from accepting Nandyal by-poll as a referendum to their three-year rule.

“The main reason is that they have nothing to tell about the governance and instead they have been resorting to leveling baseless allegations against our leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy,” she said.

Padma criticized that the approach of TDP has been on a negative path as they have been asking people not to vote for Jagan instead of telling them about the developmental activities they have taken up after coming to power.

“If the government is so confident why it is going back on accepting the by poll as a referendum to their governance,” she asked.



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