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Will An RTI Application Not Suffice, Mr Pawan?

Will An RTI Application Not Suffice, Mr Pawan?

There’s a lot of publicity being given to Pawan Kalyan’s initiative of a Joint Fact Finding Committee.

Intellectuals such as Jayaprakash Narayan and Vundavalli Arun Kumar have joined this committee bringing a touch of respect, if not credibility to the committee.

This Committee will investigate the claims of the Centre regarding financial aid provided to Andhra Pradesh and cross check it with the numbers provided by the TDP.

It will then probably arrive at a decision on who is right and place the judgement in front of the people. A deadline will be extended to the BJP and TDP for providing the required statistics.

Does Pawan Kalyan really need to go through all this process when a simple RTI application to the Centre and TDP can do the job?

What exactly can this committee do that an RTI application cannot? Everyone in AP knows the actual scenario: The Centre is not doing anything for AP as the entire credit would be usurped by TDP and Chandrababu Naidu, and not fetch the BJP any political dividends. Chandrababu Naidu cannot question the Centre because of the alleged large scale corruption he and his Party is indulging in, in the name of Amaravati.

So, when will this exercise by the JFC be completed and what tangible benefits will it yield the people? More importantly, If the committee says both centre and state are guilty, who will Pawan Kalyan then support?

As usual, the Jana Sena Chief seems to be lacking in clarity.



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