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Why So Much Fuss On Diggy Tweets?

Why So Much Fuss On Diggy Tweets?

Stung by the criticism from all quarters over the controversial comments made by AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh alleging that the Telangana police were trapping poor Muslims into ISIS net, the Telangana Congress leaders sought to control the damage to the party.

Telangana Congress leaders on Wednesday strongly condemned the 'over reaction' of Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders over Digvijaya’s tweets.

“By making unnecessary fuss over his remarks, the TRS leaders are trying to gain media attention. They did not even understand the gravity of the issue raised by Digvijaya in a series of Tweets,” a Telangana Congress leader said.

According to him, the AICC general secretary only expressed concern over some officials using dubious and illegal means to trap Muslim youth and implicate them in fake cases.

“Is it wrong to expose an action which could hurt the innocent Muslim youth?" he asked.

Seeking to defend Digvijay Singh, the Congress leader said it was the duty of the police to catch criminals. But it is wrong to first incite someone to commit a crime and then catch them to win rewards and applauds.

Congress party never supports anti-national activity or any other action that hurts the interest of our nation. Provoking Muslim youth to join anti-national activities by creating a fake website also amounts to treason and therefore, “Digvijaya Singh pointed that some officials were resorting to such means to trap innocent Muslim youth," he said.



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