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Why Not JFC Meeting In AP, Mr Pawan?

The two-day meeting of the Joint Fact-finding Committee (JFC) convened by Jana Sena Party chief and actor Pawan Kalyan in Hyderabad has drawn a lot of criticism from the people of Andhra Pradesh.

One of the major issues being raised by his critics is why Pawan has chosen to conduct the meeting of JFC in Hyderabad, when the issue is pertaining to Andhra Pradesh.

“He should have chosen any city in Andhra Pradesh – it could be Amaravati or Nellore or Anantapur or Visakhapatnam. That would have given some credence to his attempts to question the state and the Central governments as to why they were playing with statistics with regard to the assistance to the state.

"Secondly, why did Pawan choose to hold the meeting in a star hotel, instead of in public? Had he held the meeting as an open forum, he would have got more suggestions from people.

“There are more intellectuals among the people, rather than representatives of political parties and they could have given more inputs on the development of the state and what is required for the state from the TDP government in the state and the NDA government in the Centre.

“The reason for Pawan not holding the meeting in Hyderabad is quite obvious. He does not want to create any sort of inconvenience to TDP president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu,” a senior journalist observed.



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