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Why No Defections Into Jana Sena?

Why No Defections Into Jana Sena?

It’s just 18 months to go for general elections in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. And it’s time for ‘aya rams” and “gaya rams” to shift their loyalties from one party to the other, where they feel they will have better political prospects.

For the last two years, we have been witnessing defection of leaders from one party into the other. Mostly, it is the leaders from the opposition YSR Congress party and the Congress party into the ruling Telugu Desam Party because of the lure of the power and money.

And there have been defections from the Congress into the YSRC as well, as the leaders feel the YSRC is going to come to power in the state in 2019.

And as the election season starts, there might be even be defection of leaders from the TDP to the YSRC or vice versa, if they feel they might not get the tickets in their respective parties or the chances of these parties coming to power are bright.

Surprisingly, no political leader is evincing any interest in joining the Jana Sena Party. As of now, there is no other leader in the party except Pawan Kalyan and even the others are just part-time activists.

He indicated that he would take a plunge into full-time politics in October and would soon start the membership drive.

It is rather surprising that no political leader is looking at the Jana Sena party as an alternative. There are leaders who are planning to join even the BJP, though it does not have enough base in Andhra. But why not Jana Sena?

Reason is simple: Pawan has proved to be very inconsistent in his political stand and does not have confidence on himself. He is not sure whether he would really go all out into the elections.

May be once Pawan takes a plunge into action and gets into serious politics, some leaders may consider joining his party at the eleventh hour!



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