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Why Is TRS Protecting BJP?

Why Is TRS Protecting BJP?

The way Telangana Rashtra Samithi MPs stalled the attempts of the Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress party to push through the no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi government in Lok Sabha in the last two consecutive working days raised many eyebrows.

At a time when TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao left for Kolkata on Monday to hold talks with his West Bengal counterpart and Trinamul Congress chief Mamata Banerjee to discuss the third front plan, his party MPs rushed into the well of Lok Sabha raising slogans and stalling the proceedings demanding increase in Muslim reservations.

Since the House was not in order, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan adjourned the House to Tuesday much to the relief of the BJP.

In fact, the TDP as well as YSRC reached out to the TRS MPs and requested them not to disrupt the House, as if the Speaker would not take up the no-confidence motion if the House is not in order.

They expected that the TRS being their friendly party with anti-BJP stand would support the. But the TRS MPs did not listen to them.

“There is no need for the Speaker to count the heads of the MPs standing in favour of the motion. She already got the notice signed by more than 50 MPs. She can straightaway take up the motion,” argued TRS MP B Vinod Kumar.

It is a different matter that even of the TRS MPs had agreed to go back to the seats, the House would not have been in order, because the BJP had provoked the AIADMK MPs to storm the podium on Cauvery waters issue. But still, the TRS not cooperating with the TDP and YSRC has given rise to a suspicion as to whether it is secretly supporting the BJP.

In fact, there is a suspicion that the talk of third front by KCR is only to see that the anti-establishment vote in Telangana would split and his party would come back to power.



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