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Why Is This Hypocrisy, Mr Pawan?

Why Is This Hypocrisy, Mr Pawan?

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan's call-sheet for politics has almost come to an end.

With his political schedule coming to a close, he will be back into film industry to finish the pending work for his forthcoming film.

In the last three days, whatever Pawan wanted to speak, he did with a lot of dramatics and hype in the media. It is up to the people whether the people have believed him or not.

There were many questions which Pawan had deliberately skipped, but the social media and critics like Kathi Mahesh, virtually tore him into pieces and exposed his hollow talk.

The other day, Pawan made a tall claim that he had never asked even a small favour from Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

He said he did not want even a photograph with Modi but had only requested the latter to extend assistance to the cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh.

But grapevine has it that Pawan had, indeed, sought favours from Chandrababu Naidu. Though he had not met Naidu to seek favours, but used to approach the chief minister through a mediator, who was his close confidant.

Sometime ago, Pawan reportedly made a recommendation to Naidu through this mediator, for appointment of his friend as the member of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.

The mediator conveyed to Naidu about Pawan’s wish, but the latter was asked to wait for two months. And exactly after two months, Naidu appointed Pawan’s friend as the TTD member. Does it not amount to asking for favours from the TDP government?

So was the case with the appointment of Punjabi actress Poonam Kaur as the brand ambassador of handlooms in Andhra Pradesh. There were reports that Pawan had recommended her name to Naidu for the appointment.

In fact, Poonam was not a popular actress in Telugu, though she did a few films. The Telugu audiences have forgotten her long back and so, when she was appointed as the AP brand ambassador for handlooms, it raised many eyebrows. People suspected that she might have been recommended by some influential person.

Later, it was revealed that it was Pawan who had recommended her name to Naidu, who was also waiting for some glamour face to promote the handloom sector.

So, what is the point in Pawan behaving in a hypocritical manner, while soliciting favours from the government?



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