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Why Is Rajamouli Silent Over Garuda Vega?

Why Is Rajamouli Silent Over Garuda Vega?

Superstar director Rajamouli always makes time to watch all the notable films and also shares his views on the movies that he liked.

Rajamouli is one filmmaker who stays up to date with the trend and audience preferences, which is one of the biggest reasons of his success.

Rajamouli may put some obligatory tweets for films produced by Sai Korrapati, but his views are always on point and boost the confidence of actors and directors.

He never misses out on showering praises upon well made films. However, Rajamouli didn’t post his views on recently released Rajasekhar’s film Garuda Vega.

The Baahubali director congratulated team Garuda Vega on its release day as he was hearing positive reports from all corners. He also mentioned that he had booked tickets for Sunday.

Somehow Rajamouli didn’t tweet anything about Garuda Vega after watching it. Did he not like it or is he too busy to tweet his views on the film?

He took time to praise the first look poster of Baahubali heroine Anushka’s latest film Bhagamati. Then why did he skip tweeting about his views on Garuda Vega?

The film is receiving positive response from all corners, but Rajamouli’s appreciation would definitely mean a lot for the team and also help Garuda Vega in attracting more audience.



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