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Why Is Pawan So Confused On His Seat?

Why Is Pawan So Confused On His Seat?

Jana Sena Party chief and actor Pawan Kalyan seems to be a confused man with regard to choosing his assembly constituency for the upcoming assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh.

Wherever Pawan is going, he is making a statement that he would like to contest the next elections from that place.

The other day, addressing a public meeting at Pithapuram in East Godavari district, he said he would contest from Pithapuram assembly constituency, if Lord Sripada Vallabha was willing.

He was reacting to an appeal made by local fishermen that he should contest from Pithapuram.

He, however, said the decision of his contesting from Pithapuram would be decided by the selection committee based on various factors.

It was really surprising, as the Jana Sena chief made similar statements at other public meetings as well.

For example, at Eluru meeting, he said he was considering the proposal to contest from Eluru constituency.

Surprisingly, he even offered to contest from Paderu assembly constituency without even realising that it was reserved for SC.

Earlier, Pawan himself announced that people of Tirupathi and Anantapur were also requesting him to contest from their respective places.

This will naturally create a confusion among the people. A leader should make up his mind to contest from a particular constituency and nurture the same for a long time to be able to give confidence to the voters there.

If there is an uncertainty on his constituency, he will have to face the debacle like his brother Chiranjeevi.

“If he thinks he is a popular leader and has the capacity to win from any constituency, he is mistaken. People do not vote for any candidate so blindly. They will vote for such a leader who identifies himself with the local issues and fights for them,” an analyst observed.



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