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Why Did Brahmam Chowdary Quit TNSF?

Why Did Brahmam Chowdary Quit TNSF?

Nadendla Brahmam Chowdary, a popular name among the TDP leaders, particularly among youth and more specifically among the students, is not with the TDP now.

He had quit the TDP’s student wing, Telugu Nadu Students Federation (TNSF) just on January 6, citing some personal reasons.

Brahmam Chowdary is an active student leader of the party and had been active even when the party was in power.

He is active in the social media too as Brahmam Nadendla. But, he quit his post, a day before the ruling party MLA was attacked by students at Kakani.

When the TDP gave a call to block the national highways and set January 7 as schedule, Brahmam had quit the TNSF. But, the students, whom he was heading till the previous day, turned violent while being with the agitating farmers of Amaravati.

It was these students who turned violent and attacked ruling party MLA and government whip Pinnelli Rammakrishna Reddy’s vehicle.

The government had decided to take serious action against those violent students and if what is said in the official circles is to be believed, they would be booked under attempt to murder cases and sent to jail.

The police have already identified these handful of students, who have come from Guntur’s RVR and JC Engineering College.

Luckily, Brahmam Chowdary escaped from these cases.

According to the available information, Chandrababu Naidu had summoned Brahmam Chowdary early this week and asked him to bring students into the movement to save Amaravati.

The TDP chief had also reported shouted at Brahmam for being inactive and not involving students in the movement and fight against the government.

It is said that Brahmam was hurt at the abuses hurled at him and had submitted his resignation. Thus he escaped from being part of the violence against Pinnelli and other ruling party MLAs across the State.

Chandrababu Naidu was feeling the absence of youth leader, Devineni Avinash, who had joined the ruling party recently.

Though Brahmam Chowdary was heading the TNSF, it was Avinash who rallied students and youth for Naidu, in every movement in the last six months.

Avinash had rallied youth and had provided security cover when there were floods to Krishna river inundating Naidu’s house or when government operated drones above Naidu’s rented house.

Naidu is uncomfortable with no other youth leader in the party emerging as strong as Avinash and fill the gap. It was this uncomfortable feeling that had made Naidu to shout at Brahmam leading to latter’s exit from the party.

However, it turned out to be good for Brahmam Chowdary, as he is saved from the cases to be filed against the students who were involved in assault on the ruling party MLAs and other violence across the state in the name of Amaravati farmers.

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