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Who Owns The Flight Anyway?

Who Owns The Flight Anyway?

Rajya Sabha member and BJP leader C M Ramesh was seen performing Pooja and boarding a brand new flight. 

He broke the coconut and offered ceremonial prayers at the aircraft’s ladder platform and boarded the flight. 

Later, he seated in the aircrafts and was greeted by the airhostess helping him to settle in his seat.

The videos of the whole process went viral in the social media all through the day, stating that C M Ramesh had purchased an aircraft.

Some of his critics have also spread the news stating that C M Ramesh was able to save his money from the business because of his association with the BJP.

A few of his critics have said that the BJP would always support the corrupt and alleged that C M Ramesh is corrupt.

Surprisingly, after a few hours after the videos went viral in the social media, a small report appeared in the media stating that the aircraft belonged to one of his friends and not his own. 

The small report denied the social media reports and said he had only offered the ceremonial inauguration with breaking the coconut on the request of his friend who bought the aircraft. 

After this news was out in the media, the big question that had started doing rounds was “who owns the aircraft?”

Is there anyone to answer the question with confirmation or leave it to the speculation in the media?


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