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Who Is Behind Pro-KCR Survey?

The survey telecast by the popular television channel TV9 on the performance of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government in the last one and a half years and the probable results of the assembly elections if held now has kicked up a big debate in the political and media circles on Saturday.

The channel has claimed that the survey was done by an agency, Centre for Psephology 

Studies, in the earlier 10 districts of Telangana. Soon after the survey was aired by TV9, media people started surfing about the credentials of the organisation.

There is no clarity as to what this organisation is, who runs it and from where it operates. There is no website of the organisation so that one can find out the people behind it. There is no sample size and other break-up of the survey details.

Apparently, it is a new organisation without any history of doing any pre- or post-election surveys. And the talk is that it was an agency only on paper and the survey was done by some people at the behest of the TRS government so as to create a positive image among the people and demoralise the opposition.

If it was aired by a Telangana channel, it would not have much credibility and hence, the TRS people got it telecast by TV9, supposedly an Andhra channel, of course for a cost, sources said.



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