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Who is Advani of Telangana Congress?

Who is Advani of Telangana Congress?

Veteran Bharatiya Janata Party leader Lal Krishna Advani had done great service to the party in various capacities, but he was conveniently ignored by the Sangh Parivar for the post of either Prime Minister or President of India.

He is now at the fag end of his political life and has no chances of getting any prime posts either in the party or in the government.

Interestingly, senior Telangana Congress legislator and CLP leader K Jana Reddy also seems to have reconciled to the fact that he can never fulfill his dream of ascending the throne. That is why he described himself as L K Advani of the Telangana Congress. 

“Advani also could not get any post despite serving for the party for several decades. I, too, have not got anything,” he said.

Jana said he would never ask for the chief minister post, if the Congress comes to power in Telangana.

“But at the same time, I will not reject the post, if offered. I will accept the chief minister post, if all the leaders unanimously resolve and request me,” he said.

On Revanth’s entry into the Congress party, the veteran leader welcomed it, but said one cannot expect to rise to the top just by joining the party.

“People are asking whether Revanth is the Baahubali for the Telangana Congress. One cannot expect to become Baahubali just by joining the Congress. One has to prove his strength and capabilities to become a Baahubali,” he said.



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