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Who Did Mistake By Bringing Roja Into Politics?

Who Did Mistake By Bringing Roja Into Politics?

Telugu Desam Party MP from Chittoor N Sivaprasad, who has been playing active role in the party for nearly two decades, is repenting now for taking a decision in his life.

It is bringing actress R K Roja into politics.

“I unnecessarily brought Roja into politics and it was my biggest mistake in life. I am now repenting for my decision,” he told media.

Sivaprasad said he had introduced Roja to party president N Chandrababu Naidu hoping that she would be an asset to the party because she was very active and had oratorical skills. But, she had not only ditched the party and Naidu, but also using all sorts of filthy language against same leaders who had given her political life, he lamented.

The MP wondered why Roja was using such foul language in politics.

“She is talking whatever nonsense that comes to her tongue. A people’s representative has to focus on people’s issues and talk with a lot of restraint. If they try to sling mud at the others, they should be ready take the same mud on their faces. The sooner Roja realises this, the better for her. Only then, people will stop talking badly about her,” Sivaprasad said.

The Chittoor MP vowed to see that the TDP wins all the assembly and parliament seats in the district in the next elections.

“It will be our gift to Naidu,” he said.



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