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Who Admitted Sudhakar In Mental Hospital?

Who Admitted Sudhakar In Mental Hospital?

The case of suspended anaesthetist Dr K Sudhakar of Narsipatnam government hospital is taking curious turns, with the police and hospital doctors at Visakhapatnam giving strange statements.

When the state high court, which has taken up Sudhakar’s case following a habeas corpus petition from his mother Kaveri Bai, questioned the police authorities, they said they had not arrested him at all, but only admitted him in King George Hospital after he had created nuisance in a drunken state on the road.

“Once Sudhakar was admitted in the KGH, we had no role and he was under the custody of the hospital authorities,” the police said. But Visakhapatnam police commissioner told the media that Sudhakar had been taken to the police station and various cases were booked against him.

Strangely, there are strange versions on who had taken Sudhakar to mental hospital for treatment. Vizag mental hospital superintendent Dr Radha Rani said Sudhakar had come to mental hospital on his own and got admitted for treatment.

But KGH authorities told court that they had referred Sudhakar to mental hospital as he was behaving strangely and the police themselves had taken him into mental hospital.

The police also said since Sudhakar was under the treatment of KGH doctors, they took him to mental hospital only on their advice.

Now, Sudhakar got discharged from hospital on Friday night, but he suddenly went underground on Saturday.

His friends said he had been taking rest at an unknown place in Visakhapatnam to have peace of mind and doesn’t want to meet anyone, including those who support him, for at least five days.

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