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When will Jagan Shift To Dhoti?

When will Jagan Shift To Dhoti?

YSRC party president Jagan Reddy might have been getting tremendous response from the people for his marathon Praja Sankalpam “padayatra,” which is almost nearing a month, but they are still not able to forget the memories of his father late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, who had gone on a similar padayatra more than 14 years ago.

Jagan realised it when he interacted with the people during his padayatra in Kurnool district on Sunday.

A farmer, Subhash Reddy, asked Jagan when he would start wearing the dhoti on the lines of his father YSR.

“When we see you, we recall Rajasekhar Reddy garu. He is still in our hearts. But we wish to see you in his real looks. Please wear dhoti so that we can see YSR in you,” he said.

Jagan was a little embarrassed, but told the farmer that he would definitely wear dhoti, when he grows a little old.

“I am still young and it looks odd if I wear dhoti. When I reach a certain age, I will definitely wear it,” he said.

However, the farmer’s request clearly reflected the feelings of the common man.

The image of YSR wearing a white shirt and dhoti with the khanduwa adorning his head and addressing people as “Namasthe Chellemma, Namathe Tammudu and Namasthe Akkayya..” is still fresh in the minds of the people.

They are yet to identify Jagan with YSR both in terms of affection and attire. It is better if Jagan adopts some new strategies to make the people get the image of YSR on seeing him.



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