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What Does Sujana Have And Ramesh Doesn't?

What Does Sujana Have And Ramesh Doesn't?

Prior to Chandra Babu coming to power, there were two power points in TDP after Babu. One was Sujana Choudhary and the other was CM Ramesh.

But once Babu came to power, there is only one name that is being heard time and again.

In fact, both of them are industrialists and both of them are capable of handling issues with their business acumen. However, while Sujana has made it to the Centre, Ramesh is where he was. So, what went wrong there?

Well, the primary qualification for Sujana Choudhary to move up the ladder is his closeness with Chinna Babu Lokesh. Sujana Choudhary is the political guru of Lokesh. He is his confidant and advisor. Naturally, Babu was forced to put pressure on Modi to give him a cabinet berth, which is likely to happen today.

Another main qualification is the social community Sujana Choudhary belongs to. Irrespective of Chandra Babu’s claims, it is a known fact that TDP is run and managed by the Kamma community and Sujana is one of them.

Though Ramesh also has relations who belong to the community, he is originally a Velama leader.

Also, Sujana belongs to the Andhra region whereas Ramesh belong to the Rayalaseema region. So all  these points add up for Sujana, while they have become minus points for CM Ramesh.

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