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What Can They Do In One Year?

What Can They Do In One Year?

The TDP might go for cabinet expansion soon and according to the rules, three more persons can be inducted into the Cabinet.

The strength of the cabinet should not exceed 15 percent of the total number of members in the Assembly which is 175.

Manikyala Rao and Kamineni Srinivas of the BJP resigned after the break up between TDP and NDA.

Now, with hardly a year to go, Naidu is looking to induct three more Ministers including one from the Minorities.

There has not been a single Minister from the minorities in Naidu’s cabinet. To offset this criticism, Naidu is contemplating inducting a Dalit, Christian or Muslim.

Had Naidu really been concerned about the welfare of the minorities, he would have appointed a Minister from their ranks immediately after assuming office which would have given them time to develop their understanding and do some really good works.

With just one year to go, what is the point in expanding the cabinet now?

Pretty soon, the election code of conduct will also come into play and no major decisions can be taken either.

Instead, the Chief Minister can give additional charge of the vacant portfolios to senior Ministers.

But as the late actor Nutan Prasad famously remarks in a film, “Single day ayina CM kurchilo koorchovali’, there are many aspirants who would be happy to be Minister even for a single day.




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