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Well Done Asaduddin Owaisi!

Recently, the United Nations released a report on violation of human rights in Kashmir. Of course, the Indian government did dispute the report.

Maybe, if the United Nations’ observers are asked to tackle the stone-pelters for at least half-a-day and then patrol the Valley and return safely in the evening and prevent incursions during night along the border and escape ceasefire violations by Pakistan, they will have a different perspective.

Meanwhile, it is gladdening to see the stance taken by Asaduddin Owaisi in this regard.

Criticising the report of the United Nations, Asaduddin said that the international body does not have the right to interfere in India’s sovereignty.

Defending the democratic credentials of the country, Asaduddin said that India had an independent Human Rights Commission and judiciary to address these problems and affirmed that despite political and ideological differences with the Prime Minister, this was the time to stand united for the country.



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