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Vundavalli For PCC President?

With the Congress Party drawing a blank in the Nandyal by-election and Kakinada Municipal elections, the writing is pretty much on the wall.

There appears to be no future for the party in Andhra Pradesh at least for the next decade.

PCC President Raghuveera Reddy may be replaced soon according to party sources and one of the names being considered is that of Vundavalli Arun Kumar.

A gifted orator, Arun Kumar was a YSR loyalist and YSR in return was very fond of Vundavalli who acted as a strong bulwark for the Congress Party.

Of late, it’s only Vundavalli who’s been able to put the TDP in any sort of pressure and he also has a good following among youth and intellectuals.

The Congress is thinking of offering the PCC President post to Vundavalli and is hopeful that the latter would accept if approached through KVP Ramachandra Rao.



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