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Verdict: Jagan Inching Towards CM Throne!

Verdict: Jagan Inching Towards CM Throne!

YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is gradually inching towards capturing power in Andhra Pradesh in the next elections, according to the results of the online poll conducted by on his padayatra.

As many as 8,925 voters out of 17,301 voters who participated in the poll on the question -- “How do you rate Jagan’s padayatra so far,” responded that Jagan is inching towards the chief minister’s chair.

The percentage of people who took part in the survey who felt Jagan would become CM is 51.59.

While 1,942 voters, accounting for 11.22 per cent of the total respondents, felt that it is too early to judge because the elections are still one more year to go, as many as 6,434 voters (37.19 per cent) expressed view that Jagan cannot make it to power.

Obviously, they felt the turnout of crowds at the YSRC chief’s meetings does not reflect the mood of the people.

Poll: How Do You Rate Jagan’s Padayatra So Far?

Yet, it is quite significant that more than 50 per cent of the people favoured Jagan becoming the chief minister. Since the survey sample is very large in terms of any such pre-poll survey, it can be considered closer to reality.



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