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Venkaiah's Dreams Wither Away?

Venkaiah's Dreams Wither Away?

Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu’s hopes of Nellore becoming the capital of AP by a lark have been shattered.

Knowing pretty well that the Sivaramakrishnan Committee will not give a report supporting the development of the new capital city between Vijayawada and Guntur, he had made sure that the name of Nellore would be included in the report as an alternate option.

It is a known fact that Venkaiah owns hundreds of acres of land in Nellore and he had procured massive tracts of land under the Swarna Bharat Trust, owned by Venkaiah and family.

He had high hopes that if by chance Nellore became the capital of AP, it would mean immense profits for his family.

The Trust was started as a philanthropic initiative with a huge temple complex that also promotes education and empowerment of street children.

The land is located amidst huge tracts of farm land in Nellore and is under the control of Venkaiah Naidu and his family.

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