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Uday Kiran Biopic, Mega Fans Curious

Uday Kiran Biopic, Mega Fans Curious

It is known that director Teja opted out of NTR biopic owing to his own reasons. Balakrishna is planning to take the directorial responsibility under the supervision of K Raghavendra Rao.

As per reports, while Teja was working on pre-production work of NTR biopic, the thought of making a biopic on deceased actor Uday Kiran came to his mind.

In fact, Teja had closely observed Uday Kiran since the actor made his acting debut with Chitram. Later, they worked together in two films. While Nuvvu Nenu was a runaway hit, Avunanna Kaadanna was a dud at the box-office.

Uday Kiran had suffered from depression due to financial crisis for almost a year. Lack of film offers and disturbances in family distressed the actor to take the extreme decision.

There were rumors in the film industry that megastar Chiranjeevi and Uday Kiran did not share a good relationship.

Uday was engaged to Chiranjeevi's elder daughter Sushmitha in 2003, but the engagement ended after Chiranjeevi was given a suggestion by astrologers that Uday Kiran would bring him bad luck. He later married Vishitha in 2012.

Reports suggested that Chiranjeevi was not keen on his daughter’s marriage with Uday Kiran. Some even say that Kiran didn’t get offers due to disputes with Chiru.

Mega fans and movie buffs are now curious to know whether Teja will include these instances in Uday Kiran's biopic.



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