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TruJet Denies Ticket To JC, Apologises Later

TruJet Denies Ticket To JC, Apologises Later

HYDERABAD: Telugu Desam Party lawmaker JC Diwakar Reddy, who created ruckus at Visakhapatnam airport last month after he was denied boarding by IndiGo for allegedly reaching late, was today denied a ticket to Vijayawada from Hyderabad by regional airline TruJet.

The airline later apologised to the TDP Lok Sabha member and took action against its staff who denied a ticket to Mr Reddy, people familiar with the matter said.

TruJet has not issued any travel ban on Mr Reddy, said Umesh Vankayalapati, Managing Director of Turbo Megha Airways, which operates under the brand TruJet.

"A secretary of the MP had approached TruJet for ticket to travel to Vijayawada this morning. As there was a ban imposed by some airlines, the staff had denied ticket to Reddy. However, when the issue came to the notice of the senior management, they offered apologies to the MP," a person at the airport with knowledge of the matter said.

When contacted, Mr Reddy said he will not take the matter further since TruJet has apologised.

"This is a small issue. But there are several complaints against IndiGo. I will move a privilege motion against them in the coming parliament session," Mr Reddy said.

Mr Vankayalapati said they are looking into the matter. He said TruJet has not issued any travel ban on the TDP Member of Parliament from Andhra Pradesh.

Mr Vankayalapati said the staff at the airport counter might have been in a dilemma whether to issue ticket or not.

"We are trying to get a clarification from the Aviation Ministry because this kind of situation should not be repeated. We have not imposed any ban. We are inquiring into the whole issue," Mr Vankayalapati said.

Almost all domestic airlines have announced a flying ban on the TDP lawmaker following his alleged unruly behaviour with IndiGo staff at Visakhapatnam airport on June 15.

Mr Reddy had broken airport property, which was captured on camera, and pushed an airline staffer after throwing a printer on the floor. IndiGo denied a boarding pass after he allegedly reached the airport late. (PTI)



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