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TRS Survey Predicts Debacle In Nalgonda

TRS Survey Predicts Debacle In Nalgonda

The recent internal survey conducted by TRS Party has indicated that the party faces a tough time ahead in the 2019 polls with anti-incumbency very high.

While there are 12 assembly constituencies in Nalgonda, the TRS has six seats and the survey says that TRS is likely to lose in 3 seats in the Reddy bastion.

The Telangana sentiment will not work for KCR in Nalgonda which has remained relatively immune to the Telangana agitation along with Khammam which actually elected a YSRCP MP who subsequently joined the TRS out of compulsion.

Therefore, KCR has put maximum focus on Operation Akarsh in Nalgonda and hopes to rope in senior Congressmen from the ranks of Uttam Kumar Reddy, Jana Reddy and Komatireddy Venkata Reddy and other Nalgonda leaders.

Big money is expected to change hands in Nalgonda in the coming days. Meanwhile, the Congressmen who are by now wise to the tricks of KCR are themselves protecting their turf by offering perks and posts to their men if the Congress comes to power.


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