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Trade Talk: New Releases Fail To Take Off

Trade Talk: New Releases Fail To Take Off

As many as dozen films released today, but not even one film was able to get a decent start.

With big releases lined up for Christmas weekend, many small budget films and dubbed films had hit the box office this weekend.

As none of the films had any pre release buzz, they lacked the wheels to take off.

Last week’s releases Saptagiri LLB and Malli Raava had a very ordinary first week.

Saptagiri LLB did okay in B and C centers and Malli Raava held its ground across the plexes and A centers.

Jawaan failed to capitalize on its first weekend numbers and ended up as another flop for Sai Dharam Tej.

With November and December turning out to be disastrous, film business is at an all time low at the moment.

Trade has pinned high hopes on Christmas weekend releases Middle Class Abbayi and Hello. The films should be able to get a good start as holiday season is coming up. 



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