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This Isn't Your Personal Property

This Isn't Your Personal Property

Immediately after the TDP came to power, they set about taking away the lands allotted by the YSR government to various industrial projects.

The argument was that these lands were not being utilized by the beneficiaries for the purpose intended but instead, the lands were being mortgaged with banks and the resulting funds siphoned off to other channels.

But now, the Chandrababu administration has decided to pass an ordinance that will increase the lease period of lands to industrialists from 33 years to 99 years.

The lands will also be sold on an outright purchase system to industrialists. The government says that this move will bring about more industries and create employment. This is utter rubbish!

Which industry would refuse to set up shop because they haven’t been given a lease for more than 33 years or because they would rather purchase the land instead of getting it on lease?

Besides, after purchasing the land, what guarantee is there that the beneficiaries will use it for the intended purpose? Will not the TDP be repeating the same mistake which they accuse the YSR administration of?

The whole thing has the makings of a beautiful scam in the name of development. Chandra Babu and his henchmen will purchase the lands at throwaway prices obviously and end up becoming the owners of the State. But most important of all, how can the government sell the lands outright?

The lands are property of the public and the government is the trustee or custodian of these lands. These lands are not the personal property of Chandrababu Naidu so that he can sell them outright to his coterie.

How many more miseries will the state have to endure because of Chandrababu and his people?



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