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Their Insolence Is Maddening!

A US government panel tracking international religious freedom has said in its latest report that religious minorities in India were exposed to derogatory comments by members of the ruling BJP as well as violent attacks and forced conversions by the RSS and VHP since the Modi government took over last year.

It slammed the `ghar wapsi' campaign and accused `Hindu nationalist groups' of offering monetary inducements to Muslims and Christians to convert to Hinduism but also to Hindus who carried out `forced' conversions.

In a nation of one billion people with so much diversity, there are bound to be stray incidents which disrupt the harmony in society.

Those incidents are looked at with a magnifying glass by our hyperactive secular media that is at the forefront in painting a poor picture of our motherland without any understanding of the history of our great nation.

But it is the insolence of the United States that is truly maddening. Every day, there is news of some white cop bumping off a black man in the US and they have the effrontery to be pointing fingers at other nations.

The US should clean up its act first before preaching to others. In fact, the report is seen as a revenge move by the US as India has recently barred several NGO’s from accepting funds from US organizations including the Ford Foundation.

In the garb of assisting the NGO’s, these foundations are promoting issues that are detrimental to the interests of the nation.



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