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The 'SC' lobby vs the 'Reddy' lobby

The 'SC' lobby vs the 'Reddy' lobby

That the Congress could not come to power in Telangana despite having granted the new State is attributed to the weak and ineffective leadership of Ponnala Lakshmaiah.

Hailing from the BC class, Ponnala in a report to Rahul Gandhi had said that the Reddy and Kamma communities in united Andhra Pradesh were responsible for hampering the development of the State.

Trusting in the report, Rahul Gandhi made Ponnala the President of the Telangana Congress post bifurcation. This alienated the powerful Reddy community from the Congress and they only showed a lukewarm support to Ponnala.

Under his leadership, the Congress could not convince the people of Telangana that the Party was responsible for their dream of a separate dream being realized.

The people choose to go in favor of KCR. But the Congress seems to have realized its mistake and recently Digvijay Singh indicated that a revamp was in order. In other words, he indicated that Ponnala might be replaced soon. This has once again started hectic lobbying by various communities, primarily the SC Community and the Reddy’s of Telangana for the post of TPCC President.

Among the Reddy contestants in the fray are Jana Reddy, DK Aruna, Jeevan Reddy, Venkat Reddy, Uttam Kumar Reddy and Chinna Reddy. The SC candidates in contention are Geetha Reddy, Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, Damodara Rajanarasimha, Mallu Ravi, N Yellaiah and P Vivek. Who will ultimately prevail?



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