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Tell Us Something New Pawanji

Tell Us Something New Pawanji

Addressing the Indian Diaspora at Nashua city in Hillsborough County in the United States of America, Pawan Kalyan said he would go to any extent if the rulers renege on their commitments to the public.

“I have tested myself for a long time before taking the plunge into politics. I know how to stand up to setbacks and deliver a blow when the situation arises,” he stated, insisting that politics was sacred, and not a rot as some believed it to be.

“I have set up the party and am running it with my own money to serve the society which gave me this high stature. Its main weapon is courage. We will not compromise on the people’s interests,” he added.

It’s nearly three years now since the BJP and TDP came to power. They have made it absolutely clear that the people of the State can forget about Special Category Status.

What has Pawan Kalyan been able to do about it? Has he been able to save the lands of the farmers of Amaravati? One might say that it requires political power to be able to do anything. That’s right but Pawan Kalyan has never seriously questioned the AP CM over any of the failed promises.

And juggling between movies and politics, what justice can he do to the people in 2019? As for running his party with his own money, it is really sad to see his innocence.

In this day and age, is it possible to run a full-fledged political party with one’s own money? It’s just not possible even if he gets paid more than George Clooney!

As of now, since the Jana Sena is a one-man party, it is possible to run the party with his own money but in future, taking on the likes of BJP and TDP is not a joke. A few intellectual tweets and periodic emotional outbursts are not enough to save Andhra Pradesh.



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