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TDP To Counter Pawan With Venkanna

TDP To Counter Pawan With Venkanna

The surname might be Buddha but Buddha Venkanna is quite a fiery person when it comes to making comments against the Opposition. And it is this person the TDP has zeroed in on to counter the allegations of Pawan Kalyan.

The latter in his Uttarandhra tour has been making quite a few sensational comments on Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh and other TDP leaders.

The TDP leadership has so far been soft on Pawan Kalyan but it has now come to the conclusion that if Pawan’s comments are not given a befitting reply, the public might actually believe them.

It has shortlisted three people to hit back at Pawan Kalyan: Nakka Anand Babu, Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Buddha Venkanna.

While Ganta was the first choice, TDP believes that because of Ganta’s proximity with Chiranjeevi, he might not do a good job.

Buddha Venkanna can speak all that he wants without getting the top brass of the TDP in trouble. So, Pawan can now get ready for some return fire.

Will the power star be able to handle it? Can he survive a full-scale attack by the TDP?


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