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TDP stages high drama over Pattiseema!

TDP stages high drama over Pattiseema!

As expected, the so-called exchange of challenges and counter-challenges between senior Telugu Desam Party legislator Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary and former MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar at Prakasam barrage in Vijayawada on the utility of Pattiseema project did not take place on Tuesday.

The police did not even allow Gorantla to enter Vijayawada, stating that there was no permission to hold any meetings at Prasakam barrage because of prohibitory orders.

And though Vundavalli managed to reach Vijayawada well in advance, he was immediately taken into custody as he approached the barrage.

Both the TDP workers and followers of Vundavalli gathered at the barrage, but the police dispersed them using force.

The police said no permission was given for open discussions in view of security issues and also inclement weather conditions with continuous rains.

Obviously, it was a big drama by the TDP to turn the tables on Vundavalli, who has challenged that he would prove the Pattiseema project had no relevance and it had nothing to do with the Polavaram project.

“It was a big waste of money and it involved massive corruption,” he alleged.

Buchaiah knows that Vundavalli was very confident of proving his allegations. So, he ensured that the TDP government did not give permission for the debate. Yet, he came to Vijayawada, knowing fully well that the police won’t allow any debate.

And everything went on according to plan and the debate didn’t take place at all!



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