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TDP MPs Taken For A Ride, YSRC MPs Escape!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his colleagues in the Bharatiya Janata Party managed to fool the Telugu Desam Party MPs in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, but YSR Congress MPs successfully avoided falling into their trap.

A few minutes before the commencement of Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha, Union home minister Rajnath Singh called up TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu in Vijayawada and asked him to see that his party MPs, who were still stalling the Lok Sabha proceedings, stop their agitation during the speech of the Prime Minister.

What he told Naidu was that Modi was very positive about the issues raised by the TDP MPs and would address the same shortly.

He said the Prime Minister would make a mention of the bifurcation issues in his speech as well. This raised hopes in Naidu and he asked his party MPs to go back to their seats and watch what Modi would say about the bifurcation problems in his speech.

However, Modi’s speech was thoroughly disappointing. He tried to appease the TDP by raising the self-respect issue and spoke a sentence about unscientific bifurcation of AP by the UPA government.

He did not utter a word about special category status or special package or promises made under AP Bifurcation Act and so on, for which the MPs have been fighting.

Obviously, Modi and team cheated the TDP once again. However, the YSRC MPs conveniently avoided this embarrassment. They know pretty well that Modi will not make any such promises on the floor of the House. So, they quietly walked out of the House to save their face!



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