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TDP Leaders Insulted Babu And Son With Silence

TDP Leaders Insulted Babu And Son With Silence

Ministers like Kodali Nani give strong retorts to anyone who says a negative word about YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

As Lokesh uttered the words like "Orey" and "dammunte rara", the YSRCP leaders came out to blast him in their own way. 

Anyone would call for a press meet after facing the kind of blasting words by Kodali Nani yesterday.

At least, the TDP leaders who are close to Cahndrababu family would come out to give a counter.

Both Chandrababu and Lokesh are tight lipped about Kodali's words. It is eerie to see there are no supporters of them in the party. 

Only B Tech Ravi, the MLC from Kadapa responded to Kodali Nani's words. Rest of all are resting at home.

Not even Atchen Naidu could open his mouth. No senior TDP leaders put their fingers into this issue.

These leaders must be afraid that Nani would attack them with the filthiest words if they support Lokesh at this juncture. 

All the leaders behaved in such a way that they didn't bother about the self esteem of Babu or his son. This is the biggest example of how the situation is going worst in the TDP.

It is clear that many leaders are still in TDP only for not finding any better alternative but not with love and affection for Babu.

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