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TDP Leaders Blocked Steel Plant In Kadapa

TDP Leaders Blocked Steel Plant In Kadapa

While TDP MP CM Ramesh has undertaken an indefinite fast for a steel plant at Kadapa, Jana Sena Chie Pawan Kalyan has come out with a startling allegation.

Pawan Kalyan said it was TDP leaders who actually were the stumbling block to a steel plant coming up in the area.

“The Jindal group wanted to set up a steel plant in Kadapa. When I was in London, many industrialists and representatives of business houses told me that our governments had stooped down to the level where they were asking openly or percentages and shares in projects. They said this was the reason why they were not keen on coming here,” said Pawan Kalyan.

What Pawan Kalyan said might be true but a leader of a political party cannot merely base his opinions on something that happened away from the public eye.

For instance, he says Srivari’s diamond might have been ferried away to the Middle East, based on the conversation he had with an IPS officer he met at an airport lounge.

Now, he says TDP leaders obstructed the steel plant based on his conversations he had with industrialists in London.

Some measure of proof will provide rock-solid credibility to his statements and make people trust him better.



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