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TDP, Babu Will Get Equal Prominence In Saakshi?

In erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh, various media houses were clearly biased towards one major political party and acted as their unofficial mouthpieces.

So, while Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy was associated with TDP all along, Sakshi was started with the intention of promoting the agenda of YSRCP.

Many in political circles are intrigued that Saakshi has been down-playing the stories involving YSRCP leaders.

When senior scribes from the media house were approached regarding the same, it has emerged that Sakshi staff has been given specific orders that they must give equal coverage to all major parties and that they must not sensationalise or carry instigating stories of YSRCP that would hit out at other political parties.

It is said that stories about Gali and Rajendra Prasad, both of whom don't leave a chance to target Jagan will also be given coverage. And so will all TDP leaders and AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu.

So from now on, it will not be an overdose of Jagan and YSRCP leaders, but leaders of all parties will get decent coverage.

And after the instructions were passed on to the staff, it is said that the press conference held by Roja to lash out at TDP has also been aired on Sakshi after all channel aired it.

The YSRCP media wing is also being ignored by Saakshi bureau we are told as per the instructions from higher ups.

While giving good coverage to political opponents is laudable, it remains to be seen how it will help Jagan or if the strategy will work in the long run.



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