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Sycophancy Reaches Its Peak In TDP

Sycophancy Reaches Its Peak In TDP

It is quite natural that certain people indulge in sycophancy to get into the good books of the powers-that-be so that they can seek some benefits from the ruling party.

But there is always a limit to such sycophancy. If the people cross their limits and go out of the way to pamper the leaders in power, it would only show their nature and culture in poor light.

There is no dearth of such sycophants in the ruling Telugu Desam Party. Several leaders go head over heels to please party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, ostensibly to seek favours from his government.

Not that Naidu does not know their tricks, but he naturally enjoys such pampering to satisfy his ego.

Take for example, the Telugu Desam Party leaders of Krishna district.

They have recently named a residential colony at Komaravolu village of Pamarru mandal in the district as Nara Devansh Colony, after Naidu’s three-year old grandson Nara Devansh, apparently realizing that the TDP chief will do anything for the sake of the kid.

Devansh, only son of Naidu’s only son and IT minister Nara Lokesh, has been a regular appearance in the party and government activities now and then, as Naidu makes it a point to bring him along with him, whether it is Polavaram gallery walk or Dharma Porata Deeksha.

Realising Naidu’s love for Devansh, the TDP leaders are going all out to appease the kid and his grandfather.

In almost all the party posters, one can notice the picture of Devansh. Even at the last year’s Maha Nadu, the TDP biennial conclave, posters and cut-outs of Devansh were star attraction.

Now, when the Naidu government constructed a weaker sections’ colony at Komaravolu village, the local TDP leaders named it as Nara Devansh Colony to display their sycophancy, though Devansh has nothing to do with the colony.

And for the sake of record, Komaravolu is the native of Naidu’s mother-in-law and NTR’s wife Nandamuri Basava Tarakam!


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