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Statue of Galla? Height of sycophancy!

Statue of Galla? Height of sycophancy!

Sycophancy in politics seems to be going to greater heights in Andhra Pradesh these days.

As if it is not enough to take out “victory rallies” and organising felicitations for Telugu Desam Party MP from Guntur Galla Jayadev, some over-enthusiastic followers of the MP have proposed to erect a statue for him in the constituency.

No doubt, Galla gave an impressive speech in Lok Sabha over injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh last week, but it has not fetched anything new to the state.

On the other hand, common people of the constituency are angry with him for not raising the issue of special category status to AP.

Yet, his followers have gone overboard as if Galla has brought thousands of crores to the state. They performed milk bath to the portrait of Galla on his arrival to Amaravathi from Delhi.

They arranged a massive victory rally from Gannavaram to Guntur and conducted a big felicitation for him. And now, some of them came up with a proposal to install his statue in Guntur.

Analysts feel that the TDP activists are giving needless hype to Galla, though nothing has been achieved so far. They say it could be part of the MP’s propaganda to safeguard his image in the constituency in the wake of growing anti-incumbency against him.

He has also made use of his brother-in-law Mahesh Babu’s social media wing to create an artificial hype for him by manipulating the responses on twitter and Facebook so as to make the people believe that he has tremendous popular support!



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