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Sonia Is Not A Maoist, Mr KCR!

Sonia Is Not A Maoist, Mr KCR!

The outburst of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders against Telangana Joint Action Committee president M Kodandaram alleging that he had secretly met AICC president Sonia Gandhi has drawn flak from all quarters.

First of all, Kodandaram had clarified that he had not met Sonia Gandhi secretly and challenged the TRS leaders to prove it, since he was elsewhere in meetings on the days quoted by the TRS leaders accusing him of meeting Sonia.

Assuming that Kodanda had really met Sonia, if not on the dates quoted by the TRS leaders but some time earlier or later, what is wrong in it?

The Congress is not a banned organisation like the Maoist party and Sonia Gandhi is not a Maoist. Anybody can go and meet her. And since she had taken the initiative in granting statehood to Telangana, there was nothing wrong in Kodandaram meeting her to thank her. 

For that matter, TRS president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao also met Sonia along with his family as a thanksgiving gesture. Was it a crime? So, what crime did Kodandaram commit in meeting Sonia a few months later?

After all, he has not asked for any post or position in the Congress. Such allegations would only backfire on the TRS, say Kodanda’s followers.



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