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Simply sitting, monthly getting from mining mafia!

Simply sitting, monthly getting from mining mafia!

Illegal mining mafia thriving in Palnadu region in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh has become a big source of money for the political leaders of the area, irrespective of whether they are from ruling party or the opposition party.

According to highly placed sources, influential political leaders from Palnadu region, cutting across their political affiliations, get their monthly cut from the mining mafia, which have been plundering limestone wealth in Pidiguralla, Dachepalli, Narsaraopet and surrounding areas. 

Sources said a ruling YSR Congress party leader from Palnadu region, who is otherwise known for his soft behaviour unlike other political leaders of the area, gets not less than Rs 3 crore a month from the mining operators and cement factories.

“He doesn’t do anything, let alone demanding mamools from these mining operators. Yet, they regularly pay him kickbacks. So, it is like simply sitting and monthly getting for him,” sources said.

Another prominent leader from the opposition, also from Palnadu region of Guntur district, who has been under the scanner of central investigation agencies for his alleged involvement in illegal mining of limestone reserves, is also making big money from mining mafia, though he is out of power.

According to these sources, this leader who had faced several allegations of plundering natural resources in the region, is not taking any mining activity at present; yet, he gets his “mamools” from the mining operators.

He, however, allegedly threatens the existing limestone quarry owners and lease holders to occupy their quarries. Most of these quarry owners belong to his party and were beneficiaries of this leader when he was the public representative.

There were reports of some quarry owners lodging a complaint with the police over the extortions made by this leader, but they could not produce any evidences, as they would also get exposed of their illegal mining business.

During the investigation by the central agencies, it was apparently revealed that 31 lakh metric tonnes of limestone was looted by the mining mafia in the Palnadu region.

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