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Shouldn't Telugu Heroines Look Modern?

A heroine has to be up-to-date with latest fashion trends. Just because she is a Telugu heroine, does not mean she has to appear in sarees always says Anjali.

Hailing from West Godavari, Anjali is a well-recognised actress today thanks to the success of Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu.

Apparently, some conservative people have asked her why she preferred dressing in western wear despite being a Telugu girl.

“Just because I am a Telugu girl, I won’t get to act in films like Sankarabharanam. When compared to Hindi girls, we dress rather conservatively. If we don’t look modern, then why become a heroine? We might as well get married and wear sarees day in and day out,” retorts a visibly irritated Anjali.



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