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Sakshi Calender Upsets Jagan Fans!

The New Year calender for 2018 issued by Sakshi media house along with the newspapers to all its subscribers on Monday was a big disappointment for the YSR Congress party leaders and cadre, besides fans of party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

The calender is, no doubt, colourful and attractive, but the pictures on it are no way connected to the Sakshi philosophy.

It has pictures of tiger, giraffe, elephant, lion, kangaroo, dolphin, zebra, monkey, panda, rhinoceros, whale and polar bear with their cubs – indicating mother and child affection.

The YSRC cadre and Jagan fans expected that the calender would reflect his ongoing “Praja Sankalpa Yatra” and “Nava Ratna” schemes announced by him.

The photographs should on the struggles being waged by Jagan against the Chandrababu Naidu government and the promises made by the YSRC, so that they would have a striking impact on the people.

“Since the coming year would be an election year, the maximum visibility of Jagan would fetch him the maximum mileage.

May be Sakshi wanted to project itself as a neutral paper, but people know it is the mouth-piece of Jagan. So, instead of giving a false cover up, it should have gone openly and give the maximum coverage to Jagan,” a party leader observed.

By the way, what is Prashant Kishor team doing? It should have as well designed the publicity campaign of Jagan through Sakshi calender!



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