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Saffron Brigade Hovers Around Amma

Saffron Brigade Hovers Around Amma

Trust Tamil Nadu to have politics that are similar to a movie. And more so is the case of Amma or Jayalalitha. Only recently, she was let off for being wrongly jailed for graft charges.

Incidentally, even when she after she was accused, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley met her on several occasions and now that she is out of jail and back as the CM of Tamil Nadu, she has been congratulated by none other than Prime Minister Modi.

And it is not just the top brass, the BJP leaders and workers in Tamil Nadu were out in full force to wish Puraatchi Thalaivi.

Meanwhile, it has come as good news for the middle class families in Tamil Nadu who see Jayalalitha’s acquittal as their moral victory. Only some time back, Jayalalitha was projected as the face of corruption and within no time she is out of jail and back in power.

So her story is a huge inspiration for many in that bracket to whom it is a perfect story of a person’s moral victory against the system.

Though she was accused in the lower court, she was let off by the higher court and she didn’t have to pay the usual Rs 100 crore fine and managed to avoid five years in jail too. Of course, there is dissatisfaction within BJP regarding the same, but on the outside, they are totally playing up to her.

According to political analysts, BJP’s interest in Jayalalitha is primarily because of the number of seats Amma holds in Rajya Sabha.

Well, the talk is in fact being circulated around by BJP workers, which is noteworthy.



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