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Rs 1 Cr For A Journalist For A 2 Months Job?

Rs 1 Cr For A Journalist For A 2 Months Job?

She is a considerably popular face in media circles, having worked as a journalist in many mainstream TV channels for years. This middle aged journalist now runs her own channel under her name. 

Due to her long-term association as a media personality, she has political connections. Additionally, her family includes a senior political figure who has ties to powerful individuals in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Now, a political party has offered her a job to interview some politicians. The entire job lasts for two months before the elections, and all she has to do is conduct a few interviews.

What is shocking is the kind of remuneration being offered to her. It is said that she is being paid Rs 1 Crore for this two-month job.

Moreover, the party also spends on views, comments, and likes for every interview, with additional money, which is another irony.

Because not many are aware that this lady journalist is conducting interviews, and the reach is definitely not worth the amount spent on her YouTube channel.

The entire media fraternity is shocked to learn about her remuneration and suspects that the middlemen who arranged this deal might be earning huge kickbacks from her.


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