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RRR To Contest As Rebel Candidate In Narsapur?

RRR To Contest As Rebel Candidate In Narsapur?

Andhra Pradesh former chief minister and TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu's attempt to secure the Narsapuram ticket for Ramghu Rama Raju has failed.

As the seat has been allocated to the BJP as part of an alliance agreement Chandrababu has no opportunity to nominate Raju as a TDP candidate.

Consequently, as per sources Chandrababu is now orchestrating a clandestine mission to undermine the BJP candidate of this constituency by fielding Raghu Rama Raju as an independent candidate from Narasapuram with his support.

Even Pawan Kalyan supports this strategy backing Raju's candidacy to contest from this constituency in order to split BJP votes and defeat the saffron candidate.

It remains to be seen how this maneuvering unfolds without antagonizing the Modi-led BJP.


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