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Roja Also Develops Blisters To Her Feet!

Roja Also Develops Blisters To Her Feet!

YSR Congress party MLA from Nagari assembly constituency in Chittoor district R K Roja is an ardent fan and follower of party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

Whatever the leader does, she religiously follows it. So much so that if Jagan sneezes, Roja catches cold, say her critics.

Following the footsteps of Jagan who has been on a marathon padayatra for 3,000 km for the last 22 days, Roja on Wednesday also started her padayatra from Nagari to Tirumala hills to highlight the indifferent attitude of the Chandrababu Naidu government in completing the Galeru-Nagari irrigation project.

She is supposed to cover a distance of 88 km in a span of six days.

On Thursday, there were reports that Jagan had suffered blisters to his feet because of the long walk for over 300 km. He got the immediate treatment from the doctors and he resumed his padayatra again.

Ironically, Roja also developed blisters, surprisingly on the day-2 itself. She also released pictures of her getting treatment from doctors and supporters. The doctors advised her to take rest for a couple of days before resuming the padayatra.

But Roja did not even complete 20 km walk. And she claimed that she developed blisters as she was walking barefoot.

But taking inspiration from her boss, she said she would not stop her padayatra but would go ahead inspite of difficulties to expose the inefficient administration of Chandrababu Naidu government.



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