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Revanth Reddy's Balancing Act With Media

Revanth Reddy's Balancing Act With Media

Media and politics are intricately linked in Telugu politics, and this is an acknowledged phenomenon.

For years, as long as TRS/BRS was in power, government advertisements were primarily given to news dailies that supported them, while ignoring those aligned with opposing parties. Similarly, when TDP or YCP were in power, they followed a similar practice.

However, since Revanth Reddy came to power, government ads have been distributed widely to all dailies, including Namaste Telangana. This signals Congress' effort to maintain a balanced relationship with the media.

It is well-known that Congress does not have its own media, so it relies on the entirety of the media landscape.

Despite claims of a shortage of funds in the state treasury, the new government does not hesitate to spend crores of rupees on self-promotion advertisements for Revanth Reddy.

Within just three days of assuming power, Revanth Reddy has ensured that all media houses receive government ads, conveying the message that he considers himself a leader of the entire media landscape.


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