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Revanth has proof against KTR brother-in-law?

Revanth has proof against KTR brother-in-law?

Kodangal MLA A Revanth Reddy, who defected from the Telugu Desam Party into the Telangana Rashtra Samithi last month, does not generally speak through his hat. He makes allegations against his political rivals only with strong evidences.

So, everybody was confident that Revanth had all the evidences with him when he made allegations that the controversial Sunburn DJ show held in Hyderabad a couple of days ago had got the permission in Hyderabad, though it was banned in other cities of the country, only because it was held by KTR’s own brother in law Raj Pakala.

He alleged that the Sunburn show encouraged sale of drugs and liquor among the youth and even minors were sold tickets.

But shockingly, Revanth received a legal notice from Raj Pakala, owner of Events Now Pvt Ltd, asking the former to prove the charges against him or tender an unconditional apology to him through print and electronic media.

Raj Pakala made it clear that the allegations made by Revanth were false as Events Now has nothing to do with the organising of Sunburn and other parties. Events Now was not even a ticketing partner, he said.

In fact, the event was held by some other agency and not Events Now. But Revanth strongly believes that it was Raj Pakala who was the actual event organiser, but he somehow managed to see that his name does not appear anywhere.

It now remains to be seen whether Revanth will really come up with any evidence to prove that the event had the backing of Pakala or tender an apology to KTR!



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