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Resignation drama: Revanth losing his image?

Resignation drama: Revanth losing his image?

The drama enacted by Kodangal MLA A Revanth Reddy by submitting his resignation from the assembly membership to Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu, instead of to Telangana assembly speaker S Madhusudhana Chary, is likely to backfire on him sooner than later.

This was the observation of political analysts, who have been closely watching his moves for the last one week.

First of all, only ministers and not MLAs submit their resignations to the chief minister.

Secondly, no MLA will submit his resignation to the party president, especially when he quits the party, since he loses his right to ask the party chief to forward the resignation to the Speaker.

Thirdly, even if an outgoing MLA submits the resignation to the party president, he should also send another original to the assembly speaker, either personally or through his messenger.

Later, he will have to speak to the Speaker personally or over phone asking him to accept the resignation.

Since Revanth did not do any of these things, his resignation from the assembly membership has no validity.

He cannot blame Naidu for sitting over his resignation, because the latter can always say he did not receive any such letter.

So, the strategy of Revanth with an objective of embarrassing Naidu and also TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao (who has admitted several opposition MLAs into the TRS without seeking their resignations) will not work out.

In the process, Revanth will have to take the blame for enacting a big resignation drama. Already, he has started facing criticism for not sending the resignation letter directly to the Speaker.

The goodwill and the image he has gained by resigning from the TDP and the assembly will be lost soon, if he delays on his resignation further.



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