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Reporter-doctor brawl: Who's at fault?

The report that a senior doctor of a private corporate hospital in Rajahmundry has bashed up a television channel reporter and cameraman, has become a hot topic in media circles and social media.

While the channel reporter claimed that he was beaten up by the doctor for airing a report on the alleged corrupt practices in the hospital, the doctor alleged that the reporter had demanded huge money towards advertisements and was blackmailing him. That led to the brawl between the two.

The channel claimed the “rowdy doctor” hit the journalists who went to cover a story on alleged corrupt practices related to EHS card and fees reimbursement.

It alleged that the doctor had the backing of big business people and also other elite sections of the society including politicians and police. The doctor even claimed that he has relationship with a cabinet minister.

On the other hand, the doctor said the channel reporter asked him to give advertisements of worth Rs 5 lakh. A fortnight ago, the doctor texted them that he will not be able to pay such huge amount.

The channel reporter threatened to carry a story in the channel saying that there were several allegations against the hospital. This led to the clash between the doctor and the journalist and in the heat of the moment, the doctor thrashed the journalist. After protests, the doctor tendered unconditional apology.

Now, who is at fault? The doctor who was tried to cover up the irregularities or the journalist who tried to blackmail the doctor after the latter refused to give the advertisements? Or is it the channel management which is bringing pressure on the reporters to bring advertisements?



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